Carraig Mor 30kW Boiler



  • * Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • **C02 burn technology for a cleaner burn
  • ***Available with optional central air intake (outside air)
  • Wraparound boiler for up to 18 single radiators
  • 85000 btu’s (25kw) to water and 5kw to the room
  • Thermostatically controlled as standard
  • 75.4% Efficient
  • Back Boiler Stoves
  • Clean and easy external riddling system
  • Optional leg heights available
  • Different canopy options available
  • Log Storage unit available
  • Made In Ireland
  • Price Includes VAT
  • Free Shipping
  • Type: Freestanding Boiler Stove
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Stoves Direct Ireland are proud to stock the full range of Boru Stoves. This is the Carraig Mor 30kW Boiler Stove from the Boru Stoves and is just one of the products we stock for Boru Stoves. Like our stove glass, our stoves include VAT & have free shipping. We ship stoves to Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Dublin and Galway. We also ship to anywhere in the UK.

The Carraig Mor 30kw freestanding boiler stoves are one of the most powerful stoves on the market and comes with all the usual Boru refinements as standard such as C02 burn technology and an automatic damper making it also one of the most efficient stoves on the market. You won’t be disappointed with its ravishing good looks either!

Stove Specifications:

  • Weight- 205 kg
  • Dimensions- 505 x 715 x 752 mm
  • Height To Centre Of Flue- 580mm
  • Flue- 6″
  • Central Air Intake Available?- Yes
  • Dry Model Available?- No
  • Canopy Option Available?- Yes
  • Efficiency- 75.4%
  • How Many Radiators Does It Heat?- Up to 18 single radiators
  • KW To The Room And The Water?- 25kW to the water and 5kW to the room
  • Glass Size- 425 X 332mm