Caring For Your Stove

Caring for your stove – How to maintain it in the winter

This time of year stoves are becoming much more popular and many people will have changed from a fireplace to a stove basking in all the benefits of having a stove. But wait are you taking care of your stove and using it to its full potential? To do this you must make sure you care for your stove by regular and appropriate maintenance in order to increase your stoves efficiency and performance.

Caring for your stove - An image of a stove glass cleaner
Caring for your stove with Glass Cleaner

Caring for your stove – Prolonging the Life of Your Stove

  • Never burn rubbish or household plastic
  • Always remember to remove all ash to allow for better burning. Also by allowing the ash to build up it can cause the grate to burn out permanently.
  • Do not overload the stove as it can cause excessive heat which will damage the stove components e.g fire grate
  • Clean the flue ways of the stove every month to ensure there are no blockages
  • Cleaning the outside of a matt stove always make sure to use a dry cloth as water on the matt finish will cause it to rust
  • Cleaning the outside of an enamel stove always wipe with a with a damp, soapy cloth, followed by a polish with a clean and dry duster
  • Make sure that the fuel you are burning does not have a high moisture content as it can lead to a build up of tar in the chimney and stove. e.g. damp peat or unseasoned timber
  • Allow for plenty of air through ventilation for good combustion
  • Clean your chimney at least twice a year as a build up of creosote can cause the chimney to go on fire
  • Glass cleaning- usually the glass will clean itself. However if there is a build up of creosote it may be due to draught conditions, poor quality fuel or low burning for a long time. Glass cleaner can be used to remove this

Here we have a short video on how to clean your stove and keep it well maintained for the winter.

If you have any queries about caring for your stove, please get in Contact with us and we will assist you.

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