Fermoy Artisan Market & Toss Bryans Garden Centre

The Fermoy Artisan Market will be held at the Toss Bryans Garden Centre in Fermoy every Saturday morning until Christmas hits us.

The market is run by a group of local artisan food producers and craftspeople and contains fresh, local and seasonal foodstuffs and exquisite hand made arts and crafts.

The event is always full of people from around Cork and Fermoy who come to sample some of the home grown food and quality craftsmanship in the area.

An image inside the Fermoy Artisan Market
The Fermoy Artisan Market in Toss Bryans Garden Centre

With great parking in the Toss Bryan carpark, we will have amenities that cater to all the family such as a baby changing area. Here you can send your husband off to change the baby while you sample some of the great food on the day. We also have a children’s play area located on the ground so your child can have fun while you tour the centre.

How do I get to the Fermoy Artisan Market?

The Fermoy Artisan Market is located in Toss Bryans Garden Centre, Courthouse Road, Fermoy, right beside Lidl. The Fermoy Artisan Market Facebook page and the Toss Bryans Contact Us page will give you more detail on the market itself and how to find us. If you wish you can also contact us on 086 777 5330.

Does it cost to enter the Fermoy Artisan Market?

The main goal of the market is to help local people showcase their fine work. As such, there is no charge to enter the market. You can come and go as you please all day so bring all the family for a fun filled outing.

How long will the market be on for?

The market runs from 10:00am right up until 3:00pm every Saturday. For the winter months it will be run in Toss Bryans Garden Centre in Fermoy, right next to Lidl. Toss Bryans also have a great selection of stoves to help you get through the winter.

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