Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove

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Benefits of  a Wood Burning Stove

As the evenings are shorter and colder now there is nothing better then the ambience and heat that a wood burning stove gives out after a long day. Currently more and more people are purchasing wood burning stoves. There are many benefits of a wood burning stove and not all of

Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove
Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove

them are heat related as one might think. Here in this blog we will outline the benefits of  a wood burning stoves. At Toss Byrans we stock many different types of wood burning stoves. The two main types of wood burning stoves available are room heating only which are called dry stoves and wood burning stoves with built in back boiler which are called boiler stoves.

Top Five Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove

Cost Efficiency (lower utility bills): One of the benefits of a wood burning stove is the cost efficiency. With the prices of gas, electricity and now even water charges we are much more causes of how we spend our money. With wood burning stoves they are a lot less expensive to run then other heating sources. In this link you will see the Domestic Fuels Comparison of Energy Costs.

Unique Heat: In Ireland the open fireplace has been a traditional feature in most homes both for its warmth and comfort. However open fires are a major source of heat loss with just 30% efficiency compared to 80% or more from a wood burning stove. Burning wood gives off a unique warmth and you will find that your wood burning stove will emit heat long after it has gone out without the loss of heat up the chimney. Also remember when burning your wood that it is seasoned as these have less moisture. Using seasoned wood will generate more heat therefore saving you money, time and resources. One of the

Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove
Clean burn Technology

features of a wood burning stove is the clean burn technology. This technology allows for a cleaner burn i.e. less soot pieces going up the chimney which allows more heat into the room and less heat being lost up the chimney.

Eco Friendly: Wood burning stoves are much more eco friendly then other sources of heat with CO2 emissions less than 200 mg/m3. When you burn wood you release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which can then be absorbed by trees. It is seen as one of the most cleanest sources of energy as it release the same amount of carbon dioxide as if it was left to rot instead of being burnt.

Aesthetically Pleasing and adds value to your house: A wood burning stove can add a unique vintage look to your home. They come in many designs to fit any homes décor. Also they add value to your home by having less fuel costs then other energy sources.

Reliability and safety: A wood burning stove is much more reliable than other energy sources e.g electricity or gas as it is a renewable source of energy . There is no fear of electricity power cuts and being freezing cold in the winter months as the wood burning stove does not need electricity to operate. It allows you to be self-sufficient and not having to rely on gas or electricity for heat. Also the fear of gas leaks is a thing of the past providing more safety in the home. I feel that burning wood brings people back in touch with the basics in life.

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